W.Bro. Michael J. Winterbottom P.G.S.D.

Mike retired as an electrical engineer in 1999 having
worked 30 years for Kemira Growhow, a chemical
company producing artificial fertilisers.
He has two sons Michael and John.
He married Dorothy, affectionately known as Dot, in
1998 after the death of his second wife Ethel
in1995, the result of a road accident in Australia.
Mike and Dot enjoy their holidays particularly the
escorted tour type together with city breaks.
The last escorted tour holiday was to China and
Hong Kong.
(below Mike and Dot in the Forbidden City)
(above W. Bro. Mike Winterbottom)
Mike’s hobbies, apart from his extensive activities in
Freemasonry, are:- Golf, which he describes as
mediocre and as a DIY enthusiast he has completed a
number of projects in the home such as installing a
new kitchen, full tiling of the bathrooms, new
wardrobes etc.
His largest ever project was the extension of a
bungalow at a previous address.  He enjoys reading,
both fiction and non-fiction and is keen on science and
technology of today and especially yesteryear.
He was appointed to be the PGM’s Special
Representative for no less than nine Mark Lodges and
two Ark Mariners Lodges in the Liverpool Area who
meet at Hope Street, The Medical Institution and the
Adelphi Hotel.
In the Craft he holds the rank of PAGDC and in the Royal Arch P.G.Std.B.
He was Chairman of the Liverpool Trafalgar Group from 2005 to 2011 when the Trafalgar Group merged into
the Liverpool Group.
Mike was also Hon Treasurer of the Alpass Benevolent Institution from 2001 until it was incorporated into
the West Lancashire Freemasons Charity in 2008