West Lancs Mark Provincial Grand Secretariat
A Briefing for the 2023 / 2024 Acting Provincial Officers
The Masonic Hall, Wyrebank, Garstang. PR3 1PG. 7th Sept 2023
What has now become a traditional event where all members of the Provincial Team are briefed as to what is expected of them during the coming season, the evening commenced with a welcome from our Provincial Grand Master R.W. Bro. Keith A Beardmore and an introduction to the main speakers.
Ceremonial Aspects:  Prov Grand Director of Ceremonies W.Bro. Arthur Robinson. (He who must be obeyed}
Administrative Matters:  Prov Grand Secretary W. Bro. Mike Pinckard. (Get those forms filled in correctly)
To Keep Everything in Order at the Team Visits. Prov Grand Registrar. W.Bro. John Waring. (Make sure he gives you a tick)
It was a great evening with lots of useful information, Arthur spoke about his pride when he was chosen as a Provincial officer for the first time, and how he still gets a warm glow when he sees the Team Members process into the meetings be they large or small and how everyone present always show their appreciation with a hearty welcome. Both Arthur and Mike said how important it was to arrive early and check in with John Waring who makes a note of everyone present. A practise is always done before the meeting opens to make sure that all the Team members know what their role is and where they should be. The best thing to do is don’t get stuck around the bar, your support will be needed by Arthur who works very hard to create the proper effect for the Lodge members present.
Mike mentioned that there is a list of all Team members complete with contact details so that if there is someone who lives near bye to you then you could possibly arrange some car sharing to create more friendship and of course reduce the travelling costs.
I also felt very proud and honoured on receiving my first Provincial Honour and still do, when I put my collar on, I feel like I have achieved something, and it’s been recognised. It’s the same in the Royal Ark Mariner Degree, if you’re not yet a member ask the Ambassador in your own Mark Lodge how do you go about joining, there will be one somewhere near where your Mark lodge meets, it’s a beautiful degree.
If you enjoy the Mark Degree and you know any Brothers in your Craft Lodge who are not yet members, you know what to do, have a quiet word and tell them how much they will enjoy the ritual and be in the company of other Mark Masons all over the county.
A few final notes, the Provincial Secretary said that you are welcome at any time to contact staff at the office who will endeavour to help you with any problems or queries you may have.
Royal Ark Mariner Assembly is once again taking place at the Savoy Hotel in Blackpool Tuesday 19th September.
The Provincial Mark Ball, Foxfields, Whalley Road, Billington. BB79HY. Saturday 28th October. (more details on Web Site)
The PGM Keith and the Provincial Secretariat send their thanks to everyone who attended and look forward to seeing you all at a meeting somewhere soon. Mark Well.
It was great to be amongst Mark Masons once again and I look forward to my next meeting to see old friends and those I have yet to meet. The Magic of the Mark.
Words and pictures by Austin N Fletcher. PGJD.