What is Royal Ark Mariner

  At your advancement into Mark Masonry you   Since then the fraternity has grown apace and  
  were handed the Book of Constitutions and   lodges of this degree have spread throughout  
  Regulations. On looking through it you will   the world.  
  have noticed that the Book has a section      
  containing the Regulations for the Government   The Degree of Royal Ark Mariner is worked in  
  of the Degree of Royal Ark Mariner. As this   Royal Ark Mariner Lodges, but such Lodges are,  
  joint Book of Constitutions and Regulations   and must be, attached (“moored”) to a Mark  
  indicates, the Royal Ark Mariners have long   Master Masons Lodge.  
  been closely associated with Mark Masonry.      
      They usually meet less frequently than Mark  
  The first authentic record of the degree   Lodges, and therefore the subscription to them  
  appears in the minute of a meeting held in   is generally less.  
  Bath in 1790, while numerous records exist      
  throughout the country of 'elevations' since   The degree worked in Royal Ark Mariner Lodges  
  that date.   commemorates the providence and mercy of  
      God, and relates to the legend of the Deluge:  
  This degree however was to experience great   the subject matter being taken direct from the  
  difficulties and it was many years before a   Volume of the Sacred Law is naturally both  
  serious revival of Ark Masonry took place, but   beautiful and instructive.  
  in 1816 a Bro. John F. Dorrington awakened a   By joining the Royal Ark Mariners, which as a  
  renewed interest in the degree when he   Mark Mason you are entitled to do, you thereby  
  became Grand Commander.   make an important advance in Masonic  
      knowledge. It is a step which is strongly  
  It was this revival that eventually stimulated   recommended by the Grand Lodge of Mark  
  the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons to   Master Masons and the Provincial Grand Lodge  
  take a decisive action by placing the degree   of Mark Master Masons.  
  under its protection.      
  A Grand Master's Royal Ark Council was formed      
  to regulate the degree, and the first original      
  working under the new constitution was      
  effected in Mother Lodge of Royal Ark Mariners      
  No. 1 in 1872.