Special Representatives

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The Provincial Grand Master has appointed nine Special Representatives who have responsibilities
for the following Lodges:
Prescot, St Helens, Warrington & Widnes Area
V.W.Bro. Eric Drinkwater.
Clarence Mark No. 447,
P.G.J.O. Prince of Wales Mark No. 466,
Appointed St. Austin's Mark No. 479,
02/05/2007 Wilbraham Mark No. 523,
  Prescot Mark No. 903,
  Warrington Mark No. 1178,
  Queensway Mark No. 1331
    St. Austin's RAM No. 479,
Wilbraham RAM No. 523,
W.Bro. Stephen J. McNee Prescot RAM No. 903
Hindley, Leigh, Wigan & Westhoughton Area
W.Bro. Martin Stokes
Rose & Thistle Mark No. 158,
P.Prov.G.J.W. Murray Mark No. 490,
Appointed 3/05/2017 Mark Lodge of Charity No. 935,
  Newton Mark No. 1003,
  Westhoughton Mark No. 1006,
  Leigh Mark No. 1322,
  Red Rose Mark No. 1594,
W.Bro Andrew Henry
Mount Ararat RAM No. 158,
McMath P.Prov.G.J.W. Flixton RAM No. 1173,
  Leigh RAM No. 1322.
Bootle, Ormskirk & Southport Area  
V.W.Bro. Maurice M Evans.
Lathom Mark No. 268,
P.G.J.O. Southport Mark No. 473,
Appointed 07/03/2018 Bootle Mark No. 478,
  Ormskirk Mark No. 734,
  Freshfield Mark No. 1007,
  Ormskirk Priory Mark No.1019,
  Fermor Mark No. 1113,
  Friendship Mark No. 1549
Southport RAM No. 473,
W.Bro. Roy Hedges  Ormskirk Priory RAM No.1019
Chorley, Horwich & Preston Area
W.Bro. David H Robinson
Preston Mark No. 143,
P.Prov.J.G.W.   Lawrence Mark No. 313,
Appointed 24/04/2018   Progress Mark No. 898,
    Leyland Mark No. 1002,
Deputy   Aeon Mark No. 1312,
W.Bro. Gowan O'Hagan   New Temple Mark No. 1438,
P.Prov.Dep.G.Swd.B   Ridgmont Mark No. 1539
    Philadelphia Lodge of Installed Masters No. 1646
Preston RAM No. 143,
  Lawrence RAM No. 313,
  Progress RAM No. 898,
  Leyland RAM No. 1002,
  Ridgmont RAM No. 1539
  Philadelphia Lodge of Installed Commanders No 1646
Barrow, Garstang, Lancaster, Morecambe & Ulverston Area
W.Bro. David. J. Sear,
Furness Mark No. 36,
P.Prov.G.Swd.B. Garnett Mark No. 146,
Appointed0 1/01/2020 Jubilee Mark No. 375,
  Morecambe Mark No. 716,
  Scorton Mark No. 1103
W.Bro. Alan Gregory
Furness RAM 375,
P.A.G.Std.B. Morecambe RAM 716
Eccles, Stockport & Urmston Area
W.Bro. Robert Alman
Chorlton Mark No. 394,
P.Prov.G.J.W. Eccles Mark No. 843,
Appointed 06/05/2020 Flixton Shepherd Eastwood No 1173,
  Cloister Mark No. 1475
Deputy   Chorlton RAM No. 394,
W.Bro. Timothy A. Burns
Liverpool Area
W.Bro. Steve Walls Lebanon Mark TI,
P.G.S.D. West Lancashire Mark No. 65,
Appointed 09/11/2021 Unity Mark No. 544,
  Temperance Mark No. 774,
  George Harradon Mark No. 956,
  Allen Pooley Mark No. 992,
  Corinthian Mark No. 1052,
Deputy   University of Liverpool Mark No.1062,
W.Bro. Sandy Kean
Tuscan Mark No. 1099
Prov.Dep.G.Swd B.  
  West Lancashire RAM No. 65,
  Adoniram RAM No. 552
Blackpool, Cleveleys, Fleetwood, Poulton le Fylde, St Annes Area
W.Bro. Tony Cross.
Fylde Mark No. 296,
Dep.G.Swd.B. Wyre Mark No. 754,
Appointed 29/08/2023 Bispham with Norbreck Mark No. 866,
  Semper Fidelis Mark No. 880,
Deputy Cleveleys Mark No. 1176,
W.Bro. Stephen Smith, Imperial Mark No. 1276,
Edmund Taylor RAM No,296,
    Semper Fidelis RAM No. 880
    Prince Setanta RAM No. 1446
Garston Area
Stephen Lyon.
Walton Mark No. 161,
P.G.J.D. Excelsior Mark No. 359,
Appointed 07/02/2024 St. George Mark No. 553,
  Coronation Mark No. 563,
  Garston Mark No. 942
Deputy Excelsior RAM No. 359,
W.Bro. Peter Leonard St George RAM No. 553
Craven P.Prov.G.J.W.