The Mark Province of West Lancashire
Acting Officers Sunday Lunch. 14th May 2023
Wyre Bank, The Moorings, Garstang, PR3 1PG
Time for what has become an Annual Event, a Celebration Lunch for all the Acting Officers and their wives, Partners and Friends for all the great Support they have given to our PGM R.W. Bro. Keith Alan Beardmore, his Executive and the Secretarial Team during 2022/23. Unfortunately, on this occasion I wasn’t able to attend after spending most of last week in one of my favourite places (not) Wythenshawe Hospital, rushed there in a big blue and yellow taxi, the booster jab did me in once again, apparently, I have a terrific immune system which says, “I’m not having any of that”.
Anyway, back to the lunch, thankfully our now PPrGJW Brian Povey did find some time to take a few pictures just to give a flavour of what is always a very pleasant occasion, he has worked very hard during the year and attended nearly every Team visit, he only missed one when he sneaked off to the sun, but I’m sure it was well deserved. David Durling the now PPrGSW was usually by Brians side, they became known as the “Chuckle Brothers” (named as such by you know who) as they always had a beaming smile for everyone. I believe David was also absent, on speaking to him he told me his wife Doreen was in Macclesfield General Hospital being fitted with a Pacemaker, we send them our Love for a Safe and Speedy recovery.
Not being there I can’t say much more as to what everyone got up to, it was a pretty good day weather wise, and I’ll bet it was very pleasant at the waterside in Garstang, I’m looking forward to the next meeting at Walton Mark on Tuesday 23rd May for their Sesquicentenary Meeting, I’m booked in so I must keep away from any needles.  Hopefully, I’ll see you there.
Words by Austin N Fletcher. PGJD and pictures by Brian Povey. PPrGJW.