Ken on board at Morecambe
The latest addition to the ranks of Morecambe RAM Lodge No 716 is Ken Needham.
David Winder and Ken Needham
Ken was elevated in what was an excellent ceremony. Worshipful Commander David Winder set the tone in delivering his work in in a manner which was both precise and well delivered. The note I made at the time about David’s work was “delightful.”
Alan Gregory and John Rimmer
As assistant director of ceremonies Nick Baxter later observed, “I was the designated prompter for the evening and quickly realised my post was redundant.”
Director of ceremonies Alan Gregory was afforded the opportunity of conducting his good friend Ken throughout the ceremony by taking up the role of senior deacon. In addition, he presented the working tools of the order and gave the explanation of the steps. It was a real tour de force.
Ken Needham, George Howling, Paul Broadley, Malcolm Brown and Bill White
Also adding to the enjoyment of the ceremony was lodge treasurer John Rimmer who set aside his abacus, took to the floor and, in fine style, gave an explanation of the signs.
The whole ceremony was a pleasure to observe.
The meeting also witnessed David presenting Bill White with his grand lodge certificate.
At the festive board Alan was again called into action to propose the toast to Ken. The newest member of Morecambe RAM is well known for his enthusiastic approach and commitment to masonry and the lodge will undoubtably benefit from his now being counted amongst their number.
David Winder probably summed the evening up when in replying to the toast to his health he commented, “It was a real pleasure to be the Commander of a lodge which, despite some enforced absences, saw everyone pulling together and, most importantly, enjoying themselves.”
Words and photographs courtesy of Dave Sear