Newton Mark Lodge No 1003
Newton Mark Lodge No 1003, who meet at Bryn Masonic Hall started the new season on Monday 16th October with an explanation of the Mark Tracing Board.
The current Master of Newton Mark Lodge, VWBro Ian Nairn had asked WBro Derek Gaskell to be the guest lecturer and Derek was pleased to accept. All was going well till just before the meeting was about to start when the Lodge DC, WBro Arthur Robinson got a phone call from VWBro Ian Nairn, who said he was stuck in traffic and would not make the start of the meeting.
After a little shuffling round of offices, the Lodge was opened on time by WBro Barry Fisher. About two thirds of the way through WBro Gaskell’s explanation of the Mark Tracing Board there was a knock on the door; VWBro Ian Nairn had finally arrived. VWBro Nairn was admitted and took his rightful place in the Master’s Chair. Ian apologised for his late arrival saying this was the first time he had been late in 35 years!
The Tracing Board explanation was well received and the WM thanked WBro Gaskell for attending.
With the Lodge closed it was time for a fine festive board, (you expect nothing less at Bryn Masonic Hall). At the festive board, WBro Martin Stokes, the PGM’s Special Representative for the area presented each member a copy of the new Provincial tri-fold leaflet and Magic of the Mark place card. He reminded everyone of the importance of retention and recruitment.
It is important that we look for recruits not only for the Mark but also for the Craft, because the Craft is the well spring from which all side orders draw their members. We wish the Master and Brethren of Newton Mark a happy; healthy and successful season.
Words by Derek Gaskell and pictures by Bob Duff.