Advancement at Corinthian Mark Lodge; No 1052
It was good to see all the Masonic activity at Liverpool Masonic Hall on Thursday 23rd February. With all three the lodge rooms in use at the hall, there were plenty of Masons in the bar before the meetings started.
Corinthian Mark Lodge; No 1052 held their meeting in the Egyptian Room; which is normally reserved for Royal Arch meetings.   WBro Chris Walls the Lodge DC, informed the Worshipful Master, WBro John Bruffell that all his officers were in place and it was time to get underway.
WBro John Bruffell opened and worked his way through the agenda, which included a successful ballot for a new member.   The acting Inner Guard, VWBro Derek Horrocks met the candidate Bro Ray Parkins in the usual manner, before placing him in the capable hands of another visitor, WBro Geoff Roberts the acting Senior Deacon.  Acting as the Chaplain for the night was RWBro Peter Connolly, PPGM.
WBro Roberts did a great job in protecting the candidate from the practically grumpy Overseers who were being vocally encouraged by the members who were bolstered by plenty of visitors.  The WM handed the chair over to WBro Chris Walls for the second part of the advancement ceremony.   Bro Parkins survived his advancement and was welcomed into the Mark degree by WBro Steve Walls, the PGM’s Special Rep for the Liverpool Mark Lodges.
WBro Steve Walls presented Bro Ray Parkins with a letter from the PGM and an invite to the Provincial Grand Meeting at Blackpool on 27th April.  Congratulations go to WBro John Bruffell and WBro Chris Walls, as well as WBro Geoff Roberts for a high quality ceremony which was thoroughly enjoyed by the candidate and all those in attendance.
What a difference a well attended meeting with plenty of visitors makes.  We wish Bro Ray Parkins many happy years in the Mark degree and hope to see Corinthian Mark Lodge go from strength to strength.
Words and pictures by Derek Gaskell