Ties and Board at Garnett
Now the cat is out of the bag I can reveal what transpired in the small anteroom at the recent meeting of Adoniram Mark Lodge in Westhoughton. Some present may have borne witness to Graham Benson the IPM of The Furness Mark Lodge No 36 being discreetly led into an adjacent anteroom by DPGM Giles Berkley. It was there that Graham was retailed into the Esteemed Order of Provincial Neckwear Purveyors – retailed being a term they use rather than advanced or elevated. He was presented with the accoutrements of the order, namely a plastic bag containing a number of the new red provincial Mark ties.
Graham Benson on the right with those members of Garnett Mark Lodge
who wished to add to their sartorial elegance!
I must note that Graham appears to be a bit of a high flyer as his first appointment was to the rank of Holder of Marks and Spencer Bag Rank. Normally new members receive an Aldi bag and work their way up to the ultimate accolade of Holder of Fortnum and Mason Bag Rank.
All positions in the order are of course acting ranks and it was in this capacity Graham descended upon the recent meeting of Garnett Mark Lodge No. 146 at Lancaster. Armed with his bag of office and a number of ties he commenced upon the important duty entrusted to him with great alacrity. As this is the time of “Black Friday” sales etc Graham reduced the price of the ties from £10 to a very reasonable £7. The tactic proved most successful although some of the customers were a bit miffed that there was also a £3 delivery charge to pay!
Giles Berkley Holder of Grand Fortnum and Mason Bag Rank in the Esteemed Order of Provincial Neckwear Purveyors demonstrates the steps of the order
In between the sales pitch Garnett WM Nigel Higginson managed to insert a lodge meeting. There not being a candidate Nigel had engaged the services of Kieron Mullan to deliver the lecture on the tracing board of the Mark degree. In accordance with his usual practice Kieron delivered the piece with accuracy and in fine style. It was much appreciated by all present.
Lodge stalwart Peter Mason commented that the last time the explanation had been heard in the lodge was when he was in the chair in 1986. If you haven’t heard it before or for some years then you can put that right with a visit to the next meeting of Morecambe Mark Lodge when Kieron will be reprising the lecture.
Kieron Mullan and Nigel Higginson
Following the meeting there was time for good craic and fellowship during the festive board, It proved a most pleasant evening.
Words and pictures by Dave Sear