W.Bro. George Dempster Wilkie P.Prov.G.S.W. 60 years Mark Mason
Forty-five Brethren attended Southport Masonic Hall to celebrate with W. Bro. George Dempster Wilkie P.Prov. G.S.W. on attaining 60 years as a Mark Mason.
The Provincial Grand Master gave a presentation of George’s life and Masonic career before George added some of his own experiences in response to the Toast to him by W. Bro. Roy Crawford.
The Deputy P.G.M. W. Bro. Giles Berkley, Prov D.C. W. Bro.  Arthur Robinson, Special Representative for the Southport area V.W. Bro Maurice Evens and several Grand and Provincial Officers also attended.
The Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge certificates were read by the Provincial Secretary W. Bro. Mike Pinkard G.Stwd.
Two other Worshipful Masters from Southport,  W. Bro Mark Mathews of Southport Lodge MMM and W. Bro. Jeremy Williams of Freshfield Lodge MMM attended to support the Lodge and W. Bro Wilkie on this special evening.

A splendid festive board followed the Lodge proceedings to round off a memorable evening of celebration for W. Bro George Dempster Wilkie P.Pr.G.S.W.

Words and pictures Courtesy of Keith Beardmore